Sorry this is late! I couldn’t get my Electronic Kong Arms off yesterday so typing was not an option. Beating my chest and roaring, however, was.

Here’s why I love you, blogchildren. You do the heavy lifting for me. In this case, that involves writing my lede (cough… Josh Vogel). So what do Clint Eastwood, Helen Hunt,Jessica Lange,Charlize Theron, andSigourney Weaver have in common? Take it away, Josh!

“‘Get your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape!’ — or so these guys might have said to their coworkers. Be it an actual animal, a monkey suit, or special effects, each has shared screen time with our close relatives: Hunt in Project X, Weaver in Gorillas in the Mist, Lange in the ’76 King Kong, Theron in The Mighty Joe Young remake, and of course Eastwood with orangutan Clyde [above, in Every Which Way But Loose, and also in Any Which Way You Can].” See! Writing for PopWatch is easy!

Well, I’ll be a monkey’s blog-uncle, but most of you cheeky little monkeys knew the answer. Not too many interesting (or mockable) responses. Even the Bullies resorted to an amusing, though questionable Godfather theme (“Most revered Blogfather, we come to you with an answer, on this, the day of your daughter’s wedding…”). Unfortunately, my hot-blooded Italian side thought irrationally that they were making a racist Italian-simian joke — so I punched a wall. I hung a discreet portrait of Marlon Brando with a orange section in his mouth over the incriminating, marinara-stained, Kong Arm-sized hole.

Since primate puns have grown tiresome, and I’ve got a date atop the Empire State antenna, I’ll just roll out the lineup — after the jump. (Mmmmmm, bananas!)

addCredit(“Every Which Way But Loose: Kobal Collection”)

(If you got the answer right and you don’t see your name, it probablymeans you didn’t give me your first and last name. Feel free to email me and I’ll rectify the sitch.)

Advanced intelligence!

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Scott I. Beveridge
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Jeffrey Brax
Connie L. Chilton
Delia Chiu
Jeff Commings
Lori D’Angelo
Guy Davis
William R. Dyson III
William Garey
Paolo Guttadauro
Dorian Hunt
Kyle Johnson
Adam Kennedy
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Jordan Macadangdang
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Jason May
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Josh Mertins
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Patrick A. Yearout (I’ll be emailing you shortly, by the way…)