Friends: The Complete Tenth Season


Friends: The Complete Tenth Season proves that this Gen-X comedy gets better over time — it’s clear how much we took the Central Perk six for granted when they were in prime time each week. Sure, that Joey-Rachel thing was a little awkward to get into — and then back out of — but it was worth it for the episode where Ross drinks his way through a painful dinner party trying to show he’s fine with them as a couple. And the finale that seemed way too cheesy (Monica and Chandler adopt twins! Ross chases Rachel to the airport!) amid the deafening series-end hype of spring ’04 now feels (almost) right. If you really miss your Friends, there’s also The One With All Ten Seasons — the DVDs you already own, gathered together for $300 — and The One With All the Trivia, a Q&A-based videogame using 600 clips from the show (for PCs and PS2 consoles only). EXTRAS The ”Friends Final Thoughts” documentary provides a nostalgia trip with just the right amount of sentimentality. Producers’ commentaries on three episodes are lively, particularly during the Thanksgiving episode (they’re willing to admit that not every joke is perfect) and the finale (they do make a good case for those twins and that airport chase). The gag reels show how naturally funny the cast is together, but the ”Joey Joey” music video is even more embarrassing than Matt LeBlanc’s spin-off.

Friends: The Complete Tenth Season
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