Mr. Roarke (Ricardo Montalban) started off deliciously dark, using his mysterious island to fulfill others’ fantasies, like, Let me relive the WWII romance that ended with me strangling my lover, and, I’m a famous hunter, try to kill me. But ABC wanted ”lighter,” which is what we get with Fantasy Island: The Complete First Season. Fortunately, Roarke and his horndog assistant Tattoo (Herve Villechaize) were equally charming handling two working girls eager to be jet-setters and a bumbling wannabe private eye (Don Knotts). Two EXTRAS with roughly two interesting moments: Exec producer Leonard Goldberg reveals the origin of the show (sitting in a development meeting with ABC execs, he admitted, ”I’d rather be on an island with Charlie’s Angels,” and they wondered how many people harbored such fantasies), and writer Ron Friedman speaks candidly about the series’ famous guest stars: ”There were many surprises with people that I thought could not act if somebody had a gun to their head” — he doesn’t name names — ”and they delivered terrific performances.”