(left) playing Jon Heder’s mom? Sweet! She’s in talks to star opposite the erstwhile Napoleon Dynamite in Mama’s Boy, playing a mom who threatens her slacker son’s crash-at-home lifestyle when she starts dating.

-Scorsese’s next movie? According to um, us, it was going to be a Teddy Roosevelt biopic starring Leonardo DiCaprio, but Variety says it’s going to be Silence, about two 17th-century missionaries martyred in Japan. ”I hope it comes together,” Scorsese said. ”I’ve been trying to make the movie for 10 years.”

-Scarlett Johansson may go from playing an Amazon warrior princess to Manhattan au pair as star of The Nanny Diaries, an adaptation of the bestseller by Nicola Kraus and Emma McLaughlin. Which job is tougher?

24‘s Dennis Haysbert joins Chris Cooper, Laura Linney, and Ryan Phillippe in spy thriller Breach.

New Jack City‘s Wesley Snipes and Mario Van Peebles are reuniting for thriller Hard Luck. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Cybill Shepherd is also on board, as a ”middle-aged suburban housewife who hides a sadistic and vicious streak.” Should be a snap after playing M. Diddy.

-Kerry Washington joins various Wayanses and Tracy Morgan for the comedy Little Man, about a babyfaced crook (Marlon W.) mistakenly adopted by foster parents (Washington and Shawn W.). Just think where her career would be if she hadn’t earned all those kudos for Ray.

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