Who's making deals in the week of November 18, 2005 -- The biggest upcoming projects in entertainment

MOVIES The Squid and the Whale‘s Laura Linney better have her deerstalker hat handy. Over the next few months, the multitasking actress will simultaneously shoot Barry Levinson’s Man of the Year, in which she’ll investigate Robin Williams’ TV host-turned-prez, and Billy (Shattered Glass) Ray’s Breach, where she’ll play an FBI agent supervising Ryan Phillippe…. Bob Saget is writing, directing, and producing Farce of the Penguins, a send-up of guess what recent documentary hit, due in March. Cracked up by his own ad-libs while watching the summer success (”I did more sounds of old Jews than you’ve ever heard, because it looked like the movie Exodus”), the comedian acquired 70 hours of penguin footage, and is compiling the gems into a ”love story.” But this ain’t your kid’s documentary. ”We use the F-bomb,” says Saget. ”We’re planning an R-rated movie. And all my friends want to do voice-overs — every person on Full House wants to do it. And Adam Duritz wants to be a cursing, singing penguin.”… In the newly announced Poker Night, Hayden Christensen will reportedly play a rookie cop trapped in a basement and viciously tortured by a faceless killer. In unrelated news, producers are working on Saw III.

THEATER Ex-Lost boy Ian Somerhalder is so excited about joining the cast of the Off Broadway play Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead that he called from the hills of New Hampshire — where he’s wrapping the offbeat indie Sensation of Sight. ”[The play] is such a raw piece of material…” Raw? Well, that’s one way to describe a Peanuts spoof that begins with Snoopy’s death. ”Yeah. And my character is this mean-spirited guy because he’s hiding something, and it brings out certain insecurities.” Eliza Dushku and America Ferrera — who made us cry in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants — costar in the Century Center production.

DVD Animated cult fave Queer Duck, his companion Openly Gator, and friend Bi Polar Bear are getting the full-length-film treatment courtesy of Paramount Home Entertainment. Special guest voices include Conan O’Brien, Mark Hamill, and David Duchovny as Tiny Jesus.