Never mind John Stamos, did anyone else catch a gaunt, gray-haired C. Thomas Howell on ER last night? Who knew that the ’80s hearthrob (The Outsiders, Soul Man) could so convincingly portray a kidnapper/pedophile? Yes! That was him with the little girl in the opening sequence in the diner.

If you didn’t see it, suffice it to say that when a 10-year-old girl says that she has played “the married game” with her captor and her captor is the artist formerly known as Ponyboy, you too feel like you’ve been robbed of your childhood. And no matter how many tanning pills you take, it ain’t coming back.

Look for C. Tom again in NBC’s “movie event” The Poseidon Adventure (above) on Sunday, Nov. 20; he plays a pedophile ship’s doctor (except just kidding about the pedophile part).

What other ’80s star would you like to see more of? My vote: Kerri Green.