(Shhh, don’t tell anyone. I’ve secretly replaced my Diet Coke with Smirnoff Ice.)

You can hold your tut-tutting, people. It’s Friday afternoon, Arrested Development just got the hook, and if you hadn’t noticed, Katie Couric was on the air when I started blogging today. In fact, since we’ve entered a judgment-free zone, let’s make our weekend to-do list all about bad behavior, shall we?

-Check out Shakira’s new video for “Don’t Bother” (above). She’s a baaaaad girl.

-This weekend’s new movie offerings, Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and Derailed, focus on folks engaging in risky business, but EW’s critics have declared both films to be bad — and not in a good way. Instead, get in line for the wickedly well-done A History of Violence.

-EW’s Alisa Cohen says you’d have to be high not to love Reefer Madness, now out on DVD.

-Find out why Jason Lee’s character is everyone’s favorite scoundrel when NBC presents a My Name Is Earl marathon on Saturday.

-Uzodinma Iweala’s novella, Beasts of No Nation, follows a boy on the front lines of a brutal civil war in Africa, and our own Thom Geier says it’s a remarkable work.

-And while it’s more than 10 years old, Sandra Bernhard’s Excuses for Bad Behavior, Part 1 fits neatly into our Weekend To-Do theme, and it’s still in my regular CD rotation. All I wanna know is, where’s Part 2 already?