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BOOT CAMP He’s played a cop, a hotel manager, and a porn star, but Don Cheadle’s most unlikely role to date is off screen: shoemaker. The Oscar-nominated Hotel Rwanda star has designed an African-themed boot for Timberland to raise awareness of the suffering in Darfur, Sudan. ”Nobody really understands the magnitude of what’s happening there,” says Cheadle, who has no prior design experience. The limited-edition footwear?bearing the slogan ”Stomp Out Genocide” on its sole — is not for sale but given to folks involved in African charities. ”I’m just trying to keep awareness out there,” Cheadle says, ”because [the atrocities] aren’t going to go away tomorrow.”

SWEET VALLEY What’s It Called? Happy Valley Why So Hot? The two-month-old NYC nightclub — designed by edgy fashionista Jeremy Scott — has already attracted the likes of Mariah Carey and 50 Cent. Says Heidi Klum, who threw her annual Halloween bash at the spot: ”Happy Valley has a lot of mirrors and you can do a lot of spooky things there.” (Or just stare at yourself.) Other highlights: dramatic staircases, a DJ booth enclosed in a giant disco ball, and the ”Happy Valley” cocktail — a shot of which each guest receives, every hour on the hour. In case you were wondering why the valley was so happy…