Kevin Zegers, Felicity Huffman, ...
Credit: Tranamerica: Rafael Winer

Director Duncan Tucker wants to make one thing clear about his feature film debut: ”Even though a transsexual woman happens to be the main character, the movie is in no way about transsexuality.” Instead, the filmmaker says, ”It’s about family, it’s about parenting, it’s about growing up.”

The parent in question is Bree (Felicity Huffman), a preoperative male-to-female transsexual who discovers, on the eve of her final surgery, that she has fathered a child (Kevin Zegers). Egged on by her therapist, Bree bails the petulant boy out of jail and ends up driving him cross-country to Los Angeles. Based on Tucker’s real-life friendship with a transgendered woman, the film is the result of several years’ worth of research. Says Tucker, ”I culled so many great stories I could make nothing but transsexual movies for the rest of my life and not even scratch the surface.”

  • Movie
  • 103 minutes