Tenacious D's movie gets retooled -- New Line moves back the release of the long-awaited Jack Black film

Are you ready to rock? Well, the long-awaited Tenacious D movie apparently isn’t — at least, not quite yet. Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny — the epic story of two wannabe heavy metal gods (Jack Black and Kyle Gass) on a quest for a legendary magic guitar pick?wrapped last summer under the direction of Liam Lynch (Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic), who co-wrote the script with Black and Gass, stars of HBO’s cult comedy series. But in the first test screening last month, the audience gave the grand finale a D for disappointing. ”It tested really well except for the ending, which was a little turdy,” says Black. ”We have to go back and make it more kick-ass.” Given the reshoots (which will have to wait until Black finishes Napoleon Dynamite director Jared Hess’ new comedy, Nacho Libre), New Line has yet to determine when next year the movie will come out. How about Rocktober?