EW grades songbirds' on-screen style -- We look at the music video wardrobes of Madonna, Lindsay Lohan, and others

Much as we adore Ms. Stefani, she is not the only fashion-forward pop star in town. Here we rate the other royal ladies of music.

Lil’ Kim, ”Lighters Up” WARDROBE Almost half a dozen changes of wig and/or weave, clothes. ACCESSORIES Low-slung chain belts, BFF Mary J. Blige. GRADE Her prison term may last a year and a day, but diamonds are still forever. A-

Madonna, ”Hung Up” WARDROBE Hot pink leotard and peep-toe pumps. ACCESSORIES Sequined belt, truly impressive bikini wax. GRADE Love the street culture redux, but the Farrah flip is tired. B+

Lindsay Lohan, ”Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)” WARDROBE Nothing says Little Girl Lost like voluminous gowns and three Blow Out episodes’ worth of blond extensions. ACCESSORIES Turquoise drop earrings, righteous indignation. GRADE Confessions of a Cynical Mind (Journalist to Lindsay): The song’s sad revelations might feel less calculated if you didn’t look so elaborately fabulous. C

Black Eyed Peas, ”My Humps” WARDROBE In between shout-outs to Dolce and Donna, Fergie slips into a red satin bomber jacket and purple metallic hot pants. ACCESSORIES Blingy microphone pendant, extra-long nails. GRADE How many innocent ferrets died (and dyed) to make those clip-on bangs? B-