Checking in with Julie Andrews -- We chat with the ''The Sound of Music'' star about the classic film's new DVD

Mia Farrow singing ”Sixteen Going on Seventeen.” Christopher Plummer saying he dances like a ”ghastly cripple.” And, oh, those wine-swilling nuns… The bountiful extras on The Sound of Music: 40th Anniversary Edition surprised even its star

You say the movie ”feels like a fresh breeze.” Even after 40 years? I don’t see it that often! When I catch a glimpse, it’s like, ”Oh my gosh, we did that, didn’t we?”

I had no idea the real Maria von Trapp walks through the background in ”I Have Confidence.” It’s been our little secret for many years.

She was a bit bossy, according to director Robert Wise. [Laughs] I found her to be very jolly — a strong woman, and quite pretty and sweet.

The photos, outtakes, rehearsal footage?did you know this stuff still existed? Some of it’s brand-new to me. Sometimes I never even knew we were being filmed. They really show how much hard work we did. It’s not all sweetness and light and peaches and cream.

One of my favorite things is the 1962 Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall clip, with you and Carol Burnett as the ”Pratt Family Singers.” I had no idea then I’d be asked to make the movie. It was a musical number that went on and on about all the appalling foods we consumed.

”Puddings and starches and dumplings like lead…” We need the whole thing on DVD! Believe me, from your lips to someone’s ears.