Alex Trebek reveals his favorite ''Jeopardy'' moments -- EW asks the game show host about Ken Jennings, regrowing his mustache, and his style

With Jeopardy! An Insider’s Look at America’s Favorite Quiz Show being released, we discussed mustaches and memories with Mr. Know-It-All

What are some of your highlights from the last 22 years? Eddie Timanus, the blind contestant. I had a tear in my eye when he won his first show. Then I had another tear when he won his fifth. My gosh, what an accomplishment. Ken Jennings’ 75 games were also special. Here’s a guy who was my companion for 16 weeks. It became the Ken and Alex show.

Do people still try to stump you on the street? It used to be fashionable. But since I’ve been around long enough, I guess there’s no joy in nailing Trebek anymore. Except on Saturday Night Live.

What do you think of SNL? Love it. Will Ferrell did a wonderful job. But when he came back to host, for some reason, he still wore the mustache. I shaved mine a year ago.

Will the mustache return? There are people who’d like it back. And I say, it’s not gone forever.