By Amy Ryan
November 09, 2005 at 09:26 PM EST

It wasn’t quite a massacre, but most reviewers weren’t kind to 50 Cent and his semiautobiographical film debut, Get Rich or Die Tryin’ (opening today). Whether or not they liked his movie, headline writers had to give 50 Cent this much: He picked a title that offered a wealth of opportunities to pun on the words ”rich,” ”die,” and ”tryin’.” Some sucka MCs (that’s Movie Critics) even tried to rap out a headline, sampling lyrics by Fitty and others. A couple of critics seemed to be reviewing Friday’s release of Pride and Prejudice instead; maybe the Queens-bred rapper will get his revenge when Keira Knightley makes a hip-hop drama. Here’s all the news that’s Fitty to print:

That’s ‘Rich’:
Detroit Free Press: ‘Get Rich’ a poor debut
San Diego Union-Tribune: An effort not quite right on the money
Toronto Globe and Mail: 50 Cent flick not worth two bits
Indianapolis Star: ‘Get Rich’ should make 50 Cent richer
Los Angeles Daily News: Little payoff in ‘Get Rich,’ rapper 50 Cent’s life story
Salt Lake Tribune: 50 Cent gives fans their money’s worth in gritty ‘Get Rich’
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ ‘ is a poor showing in all ways

Live and Let ‘Die’:
San Jose (Ca.) Mercury News: 50 Cent can’t bring his story to life
Akron Beacon Journal: ‘Get Rich’ story dead from the start

Tryin’ times:
New York Post: Hey, Fitty! Stop Tryin’!
USA Today: ‘Get Rich’: Don’t die tryin’ to see this one
Arizona Republic: Hollow, uneven ‘Get Rich’ dies trying familiar story

(Jane) Austen Powers:
San Francisco Examiner: Cent and Sensibility
New York Daily News: Cent and Insensibility

Hustle & Flow:
San Francisco Chronicle: His name is 50 Cent and he’s here to rock you. And tell you his life story.
Cleveland Plain Dealer: You could get rich, but saying it’s easy, then we’d be lying
Miami Herald: 50 Cent joins da club, but he’s miles short
Houston Chronicle: ‘Get Rich’: It’s all about the cash

Fitty funnies:
New York Sun: The Lazy Gangster’s Guide to Fame and Fortune
Philadelphia Weekly: King of Queens
Raleigh (N.C.) News & Observer: 50’s film: Bores N the Hood

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