I wasn’t expecting much from the inaugural Lost podcast, which is now online at both and at iTunes. I mean, Josh Holloway (Sawyer) and Daniel Dae Kim (Jin) chatting about what it was like to film the scenes on the raft? Zzzzz. But late in the program, executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof offered a mild spoiler. (Skip the rest if you don’t want to know.)

Answering a fan question about why we haven’t seen much of Charlie (Dominic Monaghan, near left) or Claire (Emilie de Ravin, far left) this season, Cuse and Lindelof said that the introduction of the ”tailies” over the first several episodes has taken the focus away temporarily from some of the first-season castaways, but we’ll be seeing a lot more of Charlie and Claire’s deepening relationship in this season’s middle episodes. Which means, though the producers didn’t say it, that neither character is going to die tomorrow night.

Who do you think will die on the next episode of Lost? You can still speculate in’s poll here.

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