Margaret Cho
Credit: Margaret Cho: Assasin: Austin Young

Margaret Cho: Assassin


The Cult of Margaret Cho gets new lessons in women’s rights and gay pride (bonus: how to handle hate mail!) in this performance before an adoring Washington, D.C., audience. Though President Bush and conservatives are Margaret Cho: Assassin‘s main targets, even John Kerry can’t escape the shrapnel. (She compares conversing with him to speaking with an ent from The Lord of the Rings.) We’re all for comedy with a higher purpose, but laughs should be the top priority. EXTRAS A serious making-of looks at Cho’s ”attempt to save America from itself”: While she discusses her own spirituality and why she’s better described as ”confused” than ”angry,” First Amendment lawyers liken her to Lenny Bruce. In perhaps the year’s most random special feature, ”Margaret Cho’s Belly Dance,” she promotes the art as a remedy for women’s negative body image. Fingers crossed for an instructional video.

Margaret Cho: Assassin
  • Movie
  • 85 minutes