Everything you need to know about ''Lost.'' An A to Z guide with everything you need to know about life on the island
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Credit: Lost: Mario Perez

The infant son of Australian survivor Claire (Emilie de Ravin); was kidnapped by Rousseau in her ill-fated attempt to make a trade with the Others for her own abducted daughter, Alex. A psychic warned Claire — dumped by Aaron’s father while she was still pregnant — that ”danger surrounds this baby.”

Antique ship where the survivors found shackled skeletons in the hold — and nitroglycerin-caked dynamite to blow open the hatch. Inexplicably marooned in the landlocked ”Dark Territory,” which Rousseau says, like the island itself, is protected by a ”security system” (one explanation for the monsterlike happenings there).

Specifically, Faster Friends, a Spanish-language funny book in which Green Lantern and Flash encounter a polar bear. Soon after Walt (Malcolm David Kelley) flipped through it, a polar bear appeared on the island. Other conspicuous reading: Watership Down, A Wrinkle in Time, The Third Policeman, and The Turn of the Screw.

Funded by reclusive munitions mogul Alvar Hanso through his peace-seeking Hanso Foundation, the Dharma Initiative is (or was) an inquiry into human behavior that originated with scientists Gerald and Karen DeGroot. Seeking to establish a ”large-scale communal research compound,” the DeGroots built at least six research facilities on the island; Station 3 (or ”The Swan”), a bunker located under a hatch in the jungle, was tasked with studying electromagnetism. At some point an ”incident” occurred, and consequently, a string of numbers must be inputted into a computer inside Station 3 every 108 minutes, or else…well, no one knows. Until recently, Station 3 was manned by Desmond, an acquaintance from Jack’s past, who fled after Jack, Locke, and Kate entered the hatch. Are the castaways part of some sick psych experiment? Discuss.

The Mafia-style job Jin (Daniel Dae Kim), a lower-class fisherman’s son, reluctantly took for Sun’s father. Jin entered management training at Mr. Paik’s factory as a condition of marrying Sun (Yunjin Kim, pictured with Daniel Dae) but was ”promoted” to ”special assistant,” requiring him to beat a government official into submission.

Written on Charlie’s (Dominic Monaghan) four finger bandages on his left hand. Also a major theme: What brought these people to this island? In Charlie’s case: He’d flown to Australia hoping to lure his brother — the lead singer in their band, Drive Shaft — to a reunion.