Has any other holiday inspired as many bad movies as Christmas? And has any actor made a career out of starring in them as much as Tim Allen? (Coming up next: The Santa Clause 3!) Christmas With the Kranks is just the latest example of a type of film that seems to exist solely because large swaths of America never get any snow. Empty nesters Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis, who decide to skip Christmas and go on a Caribbean cruise instead, prompt their neighbors — led by a verging-on-fascistic Dan Aykroyd — to both harass and shun the holiday-hating couple. This ode to conformity is riddled with tired gags: Three scenes revolve around people falling flat, much like the movie itself. It’s insulting for a DVD of a movie this mediocre not to offer any EXTRAS. (Trailers don’t count.) Couldn’t director Joe Roth (America’s Sweethearts) have included a commentary about how he managed to cast both Felicity Huffman and Cheech Marin in the same film?

Christmas With the Kranks
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