Al Pacino
Credit: Al Pacino: Reuters

If anyone can get an explanation out of Dave Chappelle, it’s James Lipton. Chappelle will tell Lipton what his favorite curse word is sometime during the forthcoming 12th season of Inside the Actors Studio, which starts Dec. 11 on Bravo. Others up for an evening of fawning and flattery: Al Pacino (left), Queen Latifah, Martin Lawrence, Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick (together), and Barbara Walters. Uh, Barbara Walters? I know Lipton has been extending his roster in recent years to include celebrities whose connection to acting is tangential at best, but c’mon. Oh well, maybe he’ll amend his usual wrap-up questionnaire to ask her, ”If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?”

Anyone you’d still like to see on Inside the Actors Studio whom Lipton hasn’t yet interrogated? And what sound or noise do you hate?

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