The story of the epic struggle to bring Fiona Apple’s Extraordinary Machine to the marketplace — including the early leak to the Internet of the Jon Brion-produced version that Apple ultimately scrapped — isn’t over yet. A month after the official release of the version Apple re-recorded with producer Mike Elizondo, she’s saying she wants to release the Brion version after all. Apple tells MTV News she wants to have Brion finish mixing his tracks and release his mix as an alternate version. So it won’t be identical to the mix you heard on the Internet, but close. ”I think that I actually got really lucky to have two versions of these songs,” she says. ”Nobody really gets to do that — not on purpose, anyway. And if somebody likes one or the other better, it doesn’t make a difference to me, really. I think it gives them both more attention. I lucked out a little bit.”

Which version do you prefer, Apple acolytes?