To become an Internet celebrity nowadays, all it takes is a webcam, the surgical removal of one’s sense of shame, and a dream. What was once the province of private pranks and interoffice in-jokes has become a worldwide viral sensation. Witness the hundreds of thousands of hits garnered by some of our favorites below (all of which are easily Google-able):

1. Chinese Guys Sing the Backstreet Boys: Two Beijing university students (left) Want It That Way. Wearing Houston Rockets jerseys (for countryman Yao Ming), the pair perform an exuberant lip-synching duet in their dorm room, while an apparently clueless friend sits with his back to the camera, working away at his computer. Grade: A

2. Man Dancing at Best Buy: A security camera catches a dad-like dude getting down in the aisles of Best Buy. Nice to see a guy who’s probably there to buy a new alarm clock has more than a little Fosse in him. Grade: B+

3. Numa Numa Dance: Chubby teenager chair-dances to an addictably catchy and ridiculousRomanian pop song (New Jersey-ite Gary Brolsma, who performs, isapparently none too happy with his resultant fame). Highly recommendedwith the optional English subtitles. Grade: A-

4. Air Force Academy Dancer: A cadet plants a hidden camera and nails his roommate busting serious Night at the Roxbury moves. The soundtrack segues from 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” to early ’90s C+C Music Factory gem “Everybody Dance Now.” Wait for the reveal at the end. Grade: A