The Weinsten brothers are reborn -- The Miramax founders' new company has a full slate of releases

Harvey and Bob Weinstein have never been ones to enter into any business venture quietly. Last week, the Miramax founders, who recently split from parent company Disney, announced they’ve raised almost half a billion dollars to fund their new Weinstein Company. And they’ll follow Derailed, their first release, with virtually a film every other week until the end of the year. Here’s their sure-to-be-scrutinized slate:

The Libertine Nov. 25, a 17th-century period piece starring Johnny Depp that underwent a major overhaul after a disappointing showing at the Toronto film festival over a year ago.

Transamerica Dec. 2, an indie road-trip drama starring Desperate Housewives‘ Felicity Huffman as a male-to-female transsexual. (Expect a Best Actress nomination campaign for Huffman if there’s any support from critics.)

Mrs. Henderson Presents Dec. 9, a comedy featuring Judi Dench (probably the brothers’ biggest Oscar hopeful this year) as a buriesque-theater owner in WWII London.

The Matador Dec. 23, a Sundance fave about a hitman (Pierce Brosnan) and a middle manager (Greg Kinnear) up to no good in Mexico.

Wolf Creek Jan. 13, an Australian horror flick about missing backpackers that’s sure to invite comparisons to The Blair Witch Project.