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Jake Gyllenhaal, Jarhead

Knowing that every regular PopWatcher is registered to vote, and has plans to turn out at the polls this coming Tuesday (don’t make me come over there and tell you that’s Election Day, Blanche!), let’s all do our civic duty this weekend by partaking in some politically charged entertainment.

-Opening this weekend (and scoring a B+ from EW) is Jarhead, which stars Jake Gyllenhaal (left), Jamie Foxx, and Peter Sarsgaard. It ”isn’t overtly political,” writes our own Owen Gleiberman, ”yet by evoking the almost surreal futility of men whose lust for victory through action is dashed, at every turn, by the tactics, terrain, and morality of the war they’re in, it sets up a powerfully resonant echo of the one we’re in today.”

-Bill Maher, meanwhile, may be declaring he’s Swiss, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t verrrry political. Or pretty funny, for that matter.

-What’s my favorite all-time Election Day anthem? Why, Deee-Lite’s short but groovy ”Vote, Baby, Vote,” from 1992’s Infinity Within, of course!

-While you’re surfing the net, take a minute to help the Council for Excellence in Government figure out who’s the best government-themed employee on TV today, and while you’re at it, give ’em your pick for fictional president. (Hey! How come Oprah’s not on the ballot?)

-And on the subject of voting, weigh in on which Lost character should be touched by an angel next Wednesday — an angel of death, that is.

-Finally, on Sunday, check out The West Wing‘s live debate between candidates Arnold Vinick (Alan Alda) and Matthew Santos (Jimmy Smits). (And don’t forget to read our minute-by-minute blogging about it Monday mornin’). (NBC, 8 p.m. EDT).