We grade the dreadlocks explosion -- EW reviews the current epidemic of out-of-control celebrity hair

It would be easy to blame recent volatile weather for the current epidemic of out-of-control celebrity hair. But extreme winds and heavy precipitation couldn’t even begin to explain the middle-school-bangs crimped-locks combo Sharon Stone has been sporting lately. In other mane events, shuffling back and forth between her talk show and America’s Next Top Model has apparently left Tyra Banks (or at least her stylist) a bit frazzled. How else to explain the pompadour atop her noggin? Ashlee Simpson recently dyed her dark locks into a freaky, platinum What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? ‘do. And even an Emmy win couldn’t distract viewers from Patricia Arquette’s questionable coif, which seems to contain rollers. ”A lot of times things are done too much on the fly…two hours before a live red carpet,” says hairstylist Kevin Mancuso, who has worked with Britney Spears and Jennifer Connelly. ”That’s part of the formula for disaster. It also has to do with transitional looks — people are searching for the next new style.” Whatever the reason, EW implores these ladies to take notice. A bad hairstyle isn’t forever but it’s still awfully hard to forget.