Freddie, Brian Austin Green, ...
Credit: Harris: Gale M. Adler/CBS; Green: Ron Batzdorf/ABC

Our friends at TV Tattle are linking to an amusing item in Flak Magazine weighing the merits of ”former teen stars reincarnated as horny, wisecracking sitcom sidekicks.” Or, more specifically, Flak pits Freddie‘s Brian Austin Green (formerly of Beverly Hills, 90210) in the steel cage against How I Met Your Mother‘s Neil Patrick Harris (formerly of Doogie Howser, M.D.).

Flak’s Cheryl Lowry makes some good points — my favorite, that Harris ”chews his scenes like a blind Al Pacino” — but, I’m not sure it’s fair for her to hold Green’s past roles against him. Even if his body of work includes a rap album and a Playgirl photo shoot.

That said, while I give Green more credit than Lowry for managing to wring laughs out of Freddie‘s largely humor-free scripts, I’m in agreement with her that Harris’ Barney is the superior wing man.

So PopWatchers, now it’s your turn. In the battle for comic supremacy, which combatant gets your vote: Harris or Green? Weigh in now!

addCredit(“Harris: Gale M. Adler/CBS; Green: Ron Batzdorf/ABC”)