Scott Baio's survival tips -- The former ''Charles in Charge'' star shows us how to live in the Hollywood trenches

He used to be in charge of our days and our nights, but now he deals with legal charges. Scott Baio, the former Charles in charge and Chachi, is back on television as attorney Bob Loblaw — replacing Happy Days cousin Henry Winkler on Fox’s Arrested Development (Mondays at 8 p.m.). EW called up the actor to procure some wisdom, Baio-style. After all, he did a bang-up job of raising Nicole Eggert.

How to Handle Hollywood’s Rumor Mill: Embrace it. ”I called the producer [of High T, an upcoming Steve Carell flick that Baio was rumored to direct] and said, ‘I’m ready for work. Lemme know when the script is ready.’ And the guy started cracking up. I said, ‘F — – you, man. I’m directing the movie. Let’s go.’ So, we had a big laugh about it. I don’t know how that got out.”

How to Go After a Role: Write it. I said [to Arrested producers], ‘I wanna come on the show. I just want you to go into Jessica Walter’s bedroom one morning and I’m lying next to her in bed. Or hanging in her closet tied up.”’

How to Stay Tiger Beat-Worthy: Own it. A lot of women still come up to me. I enjoy it. Why shouldn’t people still get excited when they see anybody they used to like? I met Dolly Parton, and I was so psyched to see her.”