Letters from our readers -- Check out the readers who agreed with us, and those who didn't

Letters from our readers

Shows of Force

After reading this issue, two things struck me: (1) I was very glad to see Chris Rock and Tyler James Williams on the cover. Everybody Hates Chris is an entertaining, fresh spin on the family sitcom — a genre I usually find insipid. (2) The producers of How I Met Your Mother must be paying you to promote that show. How else can the constant praise you heap on this dull Friends knockoff be explained? I concede that Neil Patrick Harris is an unexpected riot — especially given the horrible scripts he’s forced to work with. But the producers should hire other actors who are actually funny so poor Doogie doesn’t have to carry the weight of this show all by himself!
Virginia Beach, Va.

Thank you for recognizing Supernatural as one of the best shows on TV this season! People are missing out on this show because they don’t think a WB TV show can be scary. What they don’t realize is that Supernatural carries on the great tradition of shows like The X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer — it’s creepy and funny, with an urban-legend twist. Plus, the Winchester boys are probably the best-looking spook hunters ever to grace TV. Jensen Ackles can help me with the monster in my closet any day.
Easton, Pa.

Mode Squad

Nothing can describe the happiness I felt when I got to the middle of your recent issue and found an article on Depeche Mode (”Fighting Mode”)! I am a Depeche Mode fanatic, with an 18-year obsession that I take great pride in and a collection that would make the biggest fan drool (and a Violator tattoo to boot)! I didn’t think it was possible for me to get more excited about the album, but now I am desperate for it to get here!
Tooele, Utah

Talking Radio

As a disc jockey who’s now collecting unemployment due to Jack FM being put on the air in L.A., I found your article about what’s wrong with radio timely and accurate (”Lost in Transmission”). I’ve been in radio for 28 years and I have always felt that the 1996 Telecommunications Act was the point at which radio stopped being creative and started to be only about the money. Much of radio’s competition resulted not just from new technology but from frustration at radio stations ceasing to serve the public. So, I have a question for the FCC commissioner quoted in your piece: If you’re so concerned that the next Elvis won’t have a chance to be heard on the air, why not get Congress to rescind the act, since you seem to be aware how detrimental it has been to my industry?
Los Angeles

‘Legal’ Counsel

Memo to Mark Harris: Boston Legal isn’t meant to be about the practice of law any more than Scrubs is about the medical profession or CSI is about real detective work (Television). Lighten up and enjoy the most entertaining hour on TV.
Portland, Ore.