Don’t say PopWatch doesn’t offer news you can use: Right here, we’ve got the list of (wait for it) Holllywood’s. Top. 100. Golfers.

Okay, okay, I apologize for being snarky. I know there’s plenty of you links addicts who could just as easily mock my obsession with the ponies — run, Dreamer, run! RUN! — so let’s just say we cut to the chase and tell you which celebs made Golf Digest’s list, shall we?

The top 10: Dennis Quaid (left); Thomas Gibson; Tom Dreesen; Matt Craven; Chris O’Donnell; Samuel L. Jackson; Randy Quaid; Craig T. Nelson; Mark Wahlberg; and Hugh Grant. Congrats, Quaid boys! The top woman on the list? Tea Leoni — at No. 34. And while the mag gives Tom Cruise props for being a great caddie tipper, they only rank him at No. 100, below ex-wife and golf neophyte Nicole Kidman (No. 86).

Stay tuned until next week, when PopWatch brings you Tinseltown’s most skilled badminton enthusiasts. That Judi Dench is a ringer, I tell you!

addCredit(“Dennis Quaid: Reuters”)