Fox's ''Prison Break'' creates scheduling conflict -- EW reveals why you might not see the new series until May

Fox may have struck out with the World Series (the least watched ever), but it’s not complaining. For the first time in nearly a decade, the network’s fall series have survived the buzz — and ratings — killing baseball hiatus: Year 2 of House is booming, Bones and The War at Home are steady performers, and Prison Break is a developing hit. But with the return of American Idol and 24 in January, Fox has a problem: After Break airs its 13th episode on Nov. 28, there’s no place to put the remaining nine episodes until May. A hiatus that long could be risky for the breakout drama. It’s a little early in the show’s run to ask for that much viewer patience — after all, it’s not The Sopranos. So insiders say Fox may reconsider, either by moving Break up to 8 p.m. on Mondays this winter — which could mean shuffling House and perhaps Bones from their intended slots in January — or waiting until early spring to give it a new day and time.

The continuous run would surely please the 9 million fans who are captivated by the serialized tale of two brothers’ feverish quest to break out of the big house. Creator Paul Scheuring has intimated that the title-making event will occur in the season’s two-hour finale, but there’s been some speculation that it could happen as early as the end of this month. The fact is, no one can get a straight answer out of Fox. So break or Break? Allow us to offer a solution: Keep the show on the air and move it to the viewer graveyard formerly known as Friday, where another addictive Fox drama, The X-Files, once gained quite a cult following. If networks weren’t so quick to give up on Friday the way they have on Saturday (now home to nothing but CSI reruns and the 78th season of Cops), we’d be happy to turn on the TV.

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