Charlize Theron's fashion risk -- We find out how the ''North Country'' star dressed British for her ''Arrested Development'' guest shot

So Charlize Theron uglified herself for North Country. Big whoop. Her real fashion risk resumes Nov. 7 on Fox’s Arrested Development, when Theron jumps back into the Wellington boots of Rita, an English free spirit who’s not afraid to sport what appears to be a giant doily-turned-sweater, or a Daniel Boone cap over pearls and a fuzzy seal backpack. Rita’s eccentricity — exec producer Mitch Hurwitz describes it as Harajuku girl-meets-British mod — has won the heart of Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman), but sadly, she also appears to be a spy involved in a plot to take down the Bluth family. ”There’s a reason we’re dressing her that way. We can’t really say why,” says costume supervisor Marilynn Oleksinski. ”But the payoff is big.”