If you thought Sean ”Diddy” Combs was a stern taskmaster on Making the Band, wait til you see Joe Jackson. The last time the Jackson family patriarch tried to groom a group of young musical stars, the results were pretty good, so he’s trying again, this time outside his own gene pool. He’s organized Joe Jackson’s Hip-Hop Boot Camp and hopes to turn it into a reality show.

The 76-year-old Jackson doesn’t seem to think his complete ignorance about hip-hop will be a stumbling block. ”It’s not so much of Joe Jackson knowing about hip-hop, it’s about Joe Jackson being able to groom the next generation of superstars,” business associate Charles Kopay tells the Associated Press.

Bonus quote from Joe, about son Michael’s oft-repeated allegation that Joe abused him as a kid: ”Katherine [Joe’s wife] whipped Michael more than I did. She had to. I was working, I had two jobs. She was there with them all the time — not just Michael, all the children.” Ah, if only Joe had had more time at home, Katherine wouldn’t have had to do the whipping all by herself.