On the occasion of the new Titanic DVD release, James Cameron talks to the U.K.’s Times that he’s making up for his decade-long absence from the multiplex with four new movies, at least two of which will use his new digital 3-D system. ”I’m directing two movies back-to-back and I’ve got two more lined up after that,” he says. ”Two movies using the same techniques, the same 3-D digital-camera system, the same virtual production studio. They’re big projects.” One of the films is Battle Angel, an adaptation of a Japanese manga series whose heroine is a teenage amnesiac female cyborg. Another may be the secret story dubbed ”Project 880” in Cameron-land. The first film will come out in summer 2007, the next two years later. Not on the King of the World’s dance card: Terminator 4 or True Lies 2. Let the speculation begin.