Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho, who blogged earlier this week about how the media either patronize Asian-Americans or else render them invisible, is now in a position to do something about the situation. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the comedian is developing a Fox sitcom about her Korean-American family, a show in which she’d play a character inspired by her own mother (a character familiar to fans of Cho’s stand-up work).

Of course, Cho has been here before, with her 1994-95 family sitcom All-American Girl. Cho managed to turn her painful experience with that show, which she said ABC was constantly tweaking to make it more stereotypical, into comedy fodder for her concert film I’m the One That I Want. Is TV enlightened enough 11 years later to let Cho present her family the way she wants to, or is she going to be licking her wounds from this experience in a future concert film?