The Sims

Was Doom doomed? The Rock’s videogame adaptation has scored just $24.1 million in two weeks of release. What are Hollywood and the videogame industry to do? Uh, how about adapting games into better movies? The recent news that Oscar-winner Peter Jackson will adapt Halo was a good start. readers can suggest other games they’d like to see get the A-List treatment in this poll. And Entertainment Weekly’s Neil Drumming, in the upcoming issue of the magzine, offers the following suggestions for matching movie talent to three noteworthy games.

Rainbow Six: For the adventures of Tom Clancy’s elite globe-trotting antiterror commandos, round up some spirited, international hunks — Olivier Martinez, Vincent Cassel — and let Mr. & Mrs. Smith director Doug Liman go nuts with the guns and buddy banter.

Katamari Damacy: A little prince charged with balling up enough matter to remake the stars? Bringing this balancing act to the screen requires some off-kilter talent. We see The Brothers Grimm’s Terry Gilliam directing Johnny Depp. Oh, and perhaps a story line.

The Sims (above): Reteam Michel Gondry with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind star Kate Winslet as an amnesiac trying to build a new life for herself. With the discovery of a strange prism, she begins to suspect that mysterious forces control her every move.