Saturday Night Live - Season 42

Don’t know which of NBC’s two proposed backstage-at-Saturday Night Live series will be better (or make it to primetime first), but Aaron Sorkin’s has better leakers than Tina Fey’s.

Someone’s circulating Sorkin’s pilot script, and New York magazine’s account of it makes it sound scathingly satirical and Network-esque. Reportedly, the Studio 7 on the Sunset Strip script has its Lorne Michaels figure getting fired after delivering a Howard Beale-type rant on the air — this after network suits make him swap a politically incorrect sketch (”Crazy Christians”) for a hack-y recurring bit (”Peripheral Vision Man”). Not that West Wing creator Sorkin is above making fun of himself as well; the replacement producer is reportedly a drug fiend who dates a famous newspaper columnist (much as airport drug-bust casualty Sorkin once dated Maureen Dowd of the New York Times).

Of course, for both Sorkin and SNL insider Fey, the real-life backstage drama at SNL offers 30 years worth of shenanigans and scandals to make fun of: the drug-fueled early years; the live F-bomb that got the late Charles Rocket fired; Elvis Costello getting banned for not sticking to his set list; Nora Dunn boycotting the week that Andrew Dice Clay hosted; Sinead O’Connor’s papal provocation; O.J. Simpson needler Norm Macdonald running afoul of NBC exec/O.J. pal Don Ohlmeyer; Mike Myers modeling Dr. Evil after Michaels; and last year’s Ashlee Simpson snafu.

Which SNL moments would you like to see Sorkin and Fey write into their scripts?

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Saturday Night Live - Season 42
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