Kevin Federline’s rap track, ”Y’all Ain’t Ready,” was apparently not ready for release, but a minute-long excerpt has been leaked to the Internet anyway. It was supposedly at producer Disco D’s website, but it appears to have been removed. I heard it yesterday at Stereogum, but it’s either overloaded their bandwidth, engendered an injunction, or simply crashed their server. Yep, the reviews are in, and they’re saying Mr. Spears shouldn’t quit his day job, whatever that is. ”Kanye West he’s not,” says the New York Post. ”He’s not even Vanilla Ice.” The New York Daily News snickers here (scroll down) at K-Fed’s apparent confusion of ”Pavarotti” with ”paparazzi.” In case the track doesn’t resurface soon, you can read the lyrics at People.

Personally, I just found it relentlessly mediocre; nothing on it was as horrifying as any random minute from Britney and Kevin: Chaotic. But maybe I’ll change my tune next year, when Federline drops a whole album, The Truth. I don’t think I can handle The Truth.

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