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Lots of news on Wisteria Lane. Warning: some mild Desperate Housewives spoilers ahead.

Looks like Nicollette Sheridan (near left, with costar Teri Hatcher) is finally getting some respect. Her Edie Britt will no longer be a fifth-wheel Housewife, at least not during November sweeps. ”I never intended for Edie Britt to be one of the regular characters,” acknowledges creator Marc Cherry, who tells Reuters she was initially just meant to be a rival and comic foil for Susan Mayer (Hatcher). Starting Sunday, however, Edie will take more of a central role. Says Cherry, ”There will be a huge crack in the relationship between Karl (Susan’s ex, played by Richard Burgi) and Edie that has direct implications for Susan. For all her bravado there is a lifetime of hurt [in Edie]. That’s something we are going to reveal very slowly and something that Nicollette is great at playing.” Just so long as we don’t have to hear her musicianship again.

-NBC announced yesterday that Eva Longoria will host Saturday Night Live on Nov. 19. Musical guest is Korn.

-Onetime desperate househusband Joey Buttafuoco is working on the show now; he’s the concession vendor dispensing protein shakes and ice cream at the catering tables.

-TV Guide’s spoiler specialist, columnist, Michael Ausiello, , reveals some of what we’ll be seeing on upcoming episodes. According to this week’s column (scroll down), fans should watch for a mini-scandal when Matthew Applewhite (Mehcad Brooks) starts dating Bree’s daughter Danielle (Joy Lauren). Carlos (Ricardo Chavira) will be paroled and will return home such a changed man that Gabrielle (Longoria) won’t recognize him. The wives will spend more time together as they form a neighborhood watch group after a burglar hits Wisteria Lane. And we’ll learn more about the twisted childhood of Zach (Cody Kasch).

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