Julian McMahon, Nip/Tuck

Editor1 [4:05 P.M.]: do you watch nip/tuck?
Editor2 [4:05 P.M.]: no, why? what happened this week?
Editor1 [4:06 P.M.]: where do i begin?
Editor2 [4:07 P.M.]: oh oh
Editor1 [4:07 P.M.]: this guy wants them to remove his leg bc he wants to be an amputee
Editor2 [4:07 P.M.]: who doesn’t want that though?
Editor1 [4:09 P.M.]: another woman says her secret to younger-looking skin is her son’s semen. so these ladies come up with a cream made from sperm bank leftovers and somehow joan rivers gets involved!
Editor2 [4:09 P.M.]: i just threw up a little in my mouth
Editor1 [4:09 P.M.]: i know!
Editor2 [4:10 P.M.]: didn’t they say cleopatra did that too?
Editor2 [4:11 P.M.]: (she did have beautiful skin)
Editor1 [4:11 P.M.]: anne heche has on the worst prosthetic face in the history of television — only her mouth moves
Editor2 [4:12 P.M.]: why is her face prosthetic?
Editor1 [4:13 P.M.]: bc she’s in the witness protection program, so she has to look totally different so she can look like anne heche later…
Editor2 [4:13 P.M.]: ah
Editor1 [4:14 P.M.]: dr. whatshisname left the practice and is now working with the fbi or cia and doing surgery on people in the witness protection program
Editor2 [4:16 P.M.]: which dr. whatshisname? the one who is married or the one who has sex with everyone?
Editor1 [4:17 P.M.]:the one who is married
Editor2 [4:17 P.M.]: ok
Editor1 [4:19 P.M.]: the one who has sex with everyone proposed to his girlfriend bc after the guy who wanted to have his leg removed shot it so they would have to amputate, the doctor realized that his girlfriend made him complete….
Editor2 [4:19 P.M.]: aw
Editor2 [4:20 P.M.]: every time i watch it, i think: they DO that? i would totally have that procedure done, but then of course it turns out not to be real
Editor1 [4:21 P.M.]: shut up! you want your leg removed?
Editor2 [4:22 P.M.]: LOL, no! I mean the cosmetic procedures — back in the tender days of nip/tuck, when it wasn’t always about hacking off an extremity
Editor1 [4:24 P.M.]: the most sensational thing they could do on that show now is a basic rhinoplasty or boob job. that is the only thing that would really surprise viewers!
Editor1 [4:25 P.M.]: it’s so off the chartsnow
Editor2 [4:25 P.M.]: your head is going to explode. you’re so off the charts talking about it. can i get you a cardizem?
Editor1 [4:26 P.M.]: yes, please
Editor2 [4:27 P.M.]: i will edit this to make me look cooler and then post it