The Last Gentleman Adventurer

In 1930 at age 16, Edward Beauclerk Maurice signed up with the Hudson’s Bay Co. and sailed to a remote trading post on Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic, where he lived among the Inuit in near-total isolation (a supply boat brought mail once a year). An unlikely outdoorsman, young Maurice nevertheless immersed himself zestily in the native culture. Maurice, who died in 2003, learned to speak Inuktitut and became deeply involved with the local community, who hunted deer, seal, walrus, and whale together and shared every resource (including wives) to survive. In The Last Gentleman Adventurer, a fascinating, often funny chronicle of his early years among the Inuit, Maurice offers an affecting tribute to the cheerful, generous, stoic people who helped transform him from a kudloona to one of their own.

The Last Gentleman Adventurer
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