Remember way back in 2001 when the cheeky monkeys over at The Onion ran that story a few days after the Oscars about how Entertainment Weekly was all: “Only 341 more days until Oscars 2002!” Hardy har har, cheeky monkeys!

It’s true: We go nutso crazy for all things Oscar here at E-Dub. Come back to the site throughout the months of December, January, and February and you’ll see what I mean. So it goes without saying that is Destination Numero Uno when it comes to Oscar info.

That said, the Los Angeles Times has just unveiled The Envelope, its new awards-show microsite, which appears to have swallowed Tom O’Neil’s excellent whole. In addition to the usual prognostication, the site also includes photo galleries, trivia, and three blogs written by industry forecasters (including O’Neil).

Check it out — and go argue Brokeback Mountain vs. Cinderella Man until the cows come home!