Wentworth Miller, Prison Break

If you were horrified by PopWatch’s item yesterday about Fox putting the riveting Prison Break (starring Wentworth Miller, left) on hiatus from Nov. 28 until sometime in May, there’s still hope of new episodes winning an early release, according to a story by Lynette Rice that will appear in Friday’s issue of Entertainment Weekly.

”Insiders say Fox may reconsider [the plan], either by moving Break up to 8 p.m. on Mondays this winter — which could mean shuffling House and perhaps Bones from their intended slots in January — or waiting until early spring to give it a new day and time,” Rice reports. But we like our colleague’s suggestion to the network even better: ”Keep the show on the air and move it to the viewer graveyard formerly known as Friday, where another addictive Fox drama, The X-Files, once gained quite a cult following,” Rice argues.

Sounds like a plan, as long as Fox goes with the 8 p.m. slot, thus avoiding a faceoff with my other guilty TV pleasure, CBS’ Threshold.

Would that work for you? Or is there a better way to tinker with Fox’s schedule?