Jason Lee, Kathryn Joosten, ...
Credit: My Name is Earl: Chris Haston

If you’re anything like me, two DVRs just aren’t enough to fit all your favorite Thursday-night shows. (My loyalty to Survivor and Alias, for example, forces me to miss Everybody Hates Chris and The O.C.). The bad news is: Come January, we all might have even tougher choices to make, as Reuters is reporting that Fox’s American Idol results show and NBC’s hit freshman sitcom My Name Is Earl (starring Jason Lee, near left, with guest star Kathryn Joosten) may enter the evening’s competitive fray. While I can understand the networks’ reasoning — Fox would rather pit Simon, Paula, and Randy against NBC’s fading Apprentice franchise than ABC’s blockbuster Lost, while NBC is seeking to reclaim its ”must-see” Thursday status — why doesn’t anybody consider putting one of these goodies on, say, Saturday, that dreaded evening every week when I’m forced to actually leave the house or read a book to enjoy myself? Sheesh!

In other TV news:

-When 24 returns to the Fox schedule in January, the addictive Prison Break (and star Wentworth Miller) will get locked away until May, when its remaining nine episodes will be released. (Sorry, couldn’t resist).

-Brad Garrett says his potential Everybody Loves Raymond spinoff has all but gone the way of the Dodo.

-Fox is also planning Dear Santa, in which kids’ heartwarming letters to Mr. Claus will be answered. Perhaps jolly old St. Nick can help mom marry a multimillionaire, or send dad to Temptation Island for some radical plastic surgery.

NBC’s latest pilot pickup is Kidnapped, in which an abduction will be played out over the course of a season.

-Polly Bergen, who once played the leader of the free world in Kisses for My President, has signed on to play Geena Davis’ mom on Commander in Chief, starting Nov. 29.

-And NBC is making Brian Williams’ entire nightly newscast available on as a podcast, starting Monday.

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