Three hot new movie trailers for you:

The Libertine (Nov. 23) Johnny Depp (left) as a 17th-century rogue. Handsomely shot, but I’m not sure I buy the tag calling this ”the most controversial movie of the year.” Maybe if the year were 1685.

I Love Your Work (Nov. 4) Didn’t get a chance to catch Adam Goldberg in Fox’s short-lived Head Cases? Here’s some more of his edgy-and-hostile sensibility, an indie film he’s directed about a movie star who cracks under the pressures of fame. Yeah, hard to sympathize with that, but this one looks pleasantly paranoid and has a cool cast that includes Giovanni Ribisi, Jason Lee, Christina Ricci, Joshua Jackson, and Franka Potente.

Brick (March 24, 2006) Another creepy and paranoid thriller, this one involving drugs and other kinds of insanity, with the unlikely cast of Third Rock alum Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Lost madonna Emilie de Ravin. The trailer is red-banded for a restricted audience, apparently for its violence and drug mentions, but the movie looks as arty and atmospheric as the Sundance fave that it was earlier this year.

Wolf Creek (Jan. 6, 2006) Another pickup from Sundance, where this low-budget Aussie import was said to be the scariest thing since Blair Witch. If so, it’s hard to tell from the trailer, which takes a long time to get past the introductory material and turn chilling. The clip is vague on what’s menacing these kids stranded in a remote wilderness, and the tagline — ”How can you be found when nobody knows you’re missing?” — doesn’t exactly make me quake with dread either.