Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, ...

Man-lovin’ Samantha discovered that bigger isn’t necessarily better, but with Sex and the City: The Complete Series, HBO’s wagering that too much is never enough for Sex addicts. Following last December’s Manolo-packed six-season set comes this 20-disc ”ultimate DVD collection,” pretty in a pink-velvet binder and stylishly packaged in pastel with pages of episode synopses and glamour shots. Many of the extras are hand-me-downs from previous releases — executive producer Michael Patrick King’s fawning commentary, 10 deleted scenes, alternate finale endings — but they hardly feel worn. The new accessory is a shiny bonus disc, which features nostalgic montages, an ”En-SEX-lopedia” episode breakdown with ”Inside Scoop” behind-the-scenes info, and a list of 24 SATC Manhattan hot spots (find out where Samantha threw a drink in Richard’s face). The finish-the-phrase interactive video quiz is great for a girly get-together, but the which-gal-are-you and which-guy-are-you-compatible-with games have easily manipulated outcomes. And fashionistas can head to the designer credits detailing who created the ruffled gown Carrie fell asleep in while waiting for the Russian and tracing Miranda’s progress from Donna Karan to Gaultier.