-Following Gérard Depardieu‘s example, Jamie Lee Curtis says she’s no longer accepting acting jobs. She declines to call it a retirement, however, which I guess gives fans hope that she’s left the door ajar.

Jennifer Love Hewitt as a housewife-turned-hooker? She’s producing and starring in the fact-based feature, which will be a comedy. Wonder if the hooker can talk to ghosts?

-First look pictures from the set of the Hannibal Lecter prequel, Young Hannibal: Behind the Mask. Not that scary, though the shot of the kid holding a sickle gave me a moment’s pause.

-Toby Keith and Kelly Preston are costarring in a big-screen movie produced by CMT, Angel From Montgomery. Unfortunately, it’s not about John Prine, it’s about a country star who reunites with an old sweetheart at a funeral.

-Darren Aronofsky may direct Black Flies, a fact-based drama about a rookie paramedic.

-What if Hamlet were set in Texas? You’d have Texas Lullaby, according to Production Weekly (click the link marked ”november one”). Imagine John Malkovich as Claudius (here a Texas sheriff), Ellen Barkin as Gertrude, Bruce Willis as the ghost, and Alison Lohman as Ophelia. No word on who’s playing the Hamlet character, here named Adair Telmah. (As in, Tell Ma you know her new husband murdered her last husband? Or as in Hamlet spelled backwards?)

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