Sure, it’s not uncommon for daytime TV talk shows to send people to their local libraries — admit it, you totally lived for ”Reading With Ripa” — but now ABC’s hit primetime mystery Lost is apparently determined to crash the book club. On the heels of a recent episode that sent viewers flocking to Flann O’Brien’s comic novel The Third Policeman, Variety reports that the show’s writers are concocting a plotline about an ill-fated Oceanic Flight 815 passenger named Gary Troup, whose manuscript is discovered by the castaways. In a twist of corporate synergy that might just work, the network’s sister company, Hyperion, plans to publish the fictitious Troup’s novel.

Will you be poring through its pages looking for clues about The Hatch, The Monster, and the secret to Sawyer’s luscious locks, or is this an idea better left on the shelf?

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