Fame (TV Show - 1982)
Credit: Fame: The Kobal Collection

Fame: The Complete First Season


Before Dancing With the Stars and American Idol, this Emmy-winning ’80s series was our favorite choice for catching a tango or a ballad on TV. The show stayed faithful to the film, focusing on the students at NYC’s High School for the Performing Arts, who learned each week that ”fame costs. And Fame: The Complete First Season is where you start paying. In sweat.” Beneath the perms, spontaneous musical numbers, and unintentionally humorous dialogue (”You mind telling me what it is I’m supposed to be afraid of?” a budding composer asks his mentor. ”You’re afraid of becoming a schlockmeister!”), the show sincerely portrayed young artists struggling to discover their talents. Seems MGM figures not only does fame cost but so do EXTRAS — sadly, none are to be found on the four-disc set.

Fame: The Complete First Season
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