Bill Maher: I'm Swiss

Why do we have to be the country with the midget dating shows?” asks Bill Maher in his 2005 HBO special, Bill Maher: ”I’m Swiss”. Answer: So we can have him rail against them (and more). Less a stand-up routine than a libertarian rally peppered with zingers, Maher’s performance elicits more applause than laughter. Iraq, gay marriage, religion, and Bush’s seven-minute 9/11 freeze-up are all in his sights, but someone should tell Maher that RuPaul jokes haven’t been funny since… they were never funny. EXTRAS A Q&A finds the Real Time host in his element, affably chatting with the Portland, Ore., audience about his health-food obsession and pothead pride. When not focusing on a lone Christian zealot loudly protesting in front of the auditorium, a behind-the-scenes featurette shows Maher walking through halls, getting made up, and doing a quickie photo shoot — the very definition of filler.

Bill Maher: I'm Swiss
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