Jennifer Garner
Credit: Jennifer Garner: Brian Snyder/Reuters

Let’s play: What’s spookier?

A. The Newark Star-Ledger has compiled a list of the scariest TV moments this year,including some intentional (Walt’s abduction on the Lost season finale), some not (Larry David’s sex scenes on Curb Your Enthusiasm).

B. Talking to Fortune magazine, Martha Stewart gets back at the Donald a bit, saying she didn’t realize Trump was going to keep doing his own Apprentice while she did hers, and that the idea was discussed of having her tell Trump ”Your’re fired” on the first episode of her show. As for what she’s learned from her incarceration, she says, ”I have learned that I really cannot be destroyed.” (Shudder.)

C. Someone actually sat down and catalogued 1,700 acts of violence in 100 notable horror films and determined, as per the headline: ”Impaling Most Common Horror Film Death.”

D. Jennifer Garner (above) is producing and starring in an erotic thriller called Sabbatical, about a bored married couple who give each other a two-week break, no strings attached, which ends when the husband turns up missing.

E. Happy Days creator Garry Marshall is restaging the sitcom as a theatrical musical next year. (Shudder.)

F. A bearded Mel Gibson is filming another bloody epic in a dead language. Apocalypto is set in pre-Columbian Mexico and will have all-Mayan dialogue.

See my pick after the jump…

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Hmm, A. is automatically half-jokey. It’s hard to take too seriously a list like C. that leaves the Halloweenmovies out of its body count. D. is scary only if Ben Affleck costarswith Garner. E. is pretty chilling, and so is Martha’sI’m-like-the-Terminator quote in B. But I’m going with F. becauseGibson’s Biblical prophet/ZZ Top beard gave me the biggest shock when Isaw it.