What's your pick for the all-time scariest movie? Entertainment Weekly includes ''Psycho,'' ''Halloween,'' ''Silence of the Lambs,'' and more on its list of the most frightening films -- now post your own

By EW Staff
Updated October 31, 2005 at 05:00 AM EST

What’s your pick for the all-time scariest movie?

Dying to have your own DVD fright-fest on Halloween? Don’t forget to invite Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, and Leatherface for a bloody good time — the bogeymen’s movies all get a place on Entertainment Weekly’s list of the 20 all-time scariest.

Still, some of your favorites may not have made the cut. Read EW’s list, then tell us about the movies that scare you silly. (Just don’t type ”Candyman” three times!)